World Record Scuba Dive

Done in 2002 whist working in South Africa as a promotional idea for a new dive centre I worked for, 3D Dive, whilst raising money for the South African Lifeboat Association.

The previous record was set in 1986 and was 8 ¾ days but we set the target of 10 days to gain maximum exposure on a Saturday lunchtime.

As the tank was filtered and chlorinated, I did ‘number 1’s’ in the tank, however ‘number 2’s’ was very different. I was flushed out beforehand and went onto a liquid food with no wastage which shut down bowel movement completely. That was given to me in syringes along with electrolytes and water.

Sleep deprivation was my biggest issue and after 3 days I was ready to come out. However, I was spurred on by the fact two dear personal friends sponsored the attempt and I got a full face mask which then enabled me to doze off finally! Waking up underwater was very surreal.

I had plenty to entertain me, people could come into the tank and play chess, books would last long enough to read before disintegrating and of course, I had massive support from the people outside who I chatted to using a slate held to the window.

Hands and feet were not pretty and were very painful by the end. I went into an oxygen hyperbaric chamber afterwards to help promote tissue growth and repair.  They took about 6 weeks to recover properly.

It was totally a team effort I was the only one daft enough to sit in the tank. Without my support crew keeping watch over me, changing tanks, feeding and watering me and keeping me entertained, I would never have been able to do it. My thanks to you all

Tim Yarrow

Director at Diveshack UK.


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