Scuba Diving In Yorkshire – there’s nowt. Or is there!?

scuba diving in Yorkshire with sealsWe live on an island – lots of diving options.

When you think of scuba diving, Yorkshire is probably not high on the list. Then the thought of learning to scuba dive in Harrogate, a land locked spa town, you might think the options are very limited. Think again.

Diveshack is on Station Parade in Harrogate and offers courses from basic snorkelling, kids scuba experiences right through to Assistant Instructor and beyond.

Taking the plunge.

Once you’ve decided you want to do your course, we do the academics and pool sessions here. That gets you to the referral stage and you decide where to do your qualifying dives. If you are already heading somewhere exotic you are ready and saves you having to sit in the classroom on your island paradise – very popular for couples going on their honeymoon.

If you want to do the full course with us we aim to use coastal locations wherever possible so you get a true experience of diving, seeing marine life and feeling currents and tides. So, that can mean a weekend away in one of Yorkshires wonderful coastal sites – Runswick Bay is a favourite.

We can go further afield and head up to Northumberland, North Wales or Scotland. The UK being an island has some amazing dive sites all around the coast with a huge variety of marine life and history and let’s face it, we are never too far from the sea.

If the sea conditions are against us, we have plenty of inland options to dive in Yorkshire and over into Lancashire and Cumbria.

So, if you’ve ever dreamt of following the path of Jacques Cousteau, seize the moment and start now.

Tim Yarrow

Director at Diveshack UK.


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