Nammutec 65m Carbon Fibre Axle Reel


An easy to use reel designed to launch an DSMB. The central axle of the reel allows for a smooth and easy deployment by gripping each end of the axle with thumb and forefinger.

Once your DSMB is deployed use the patented folding handle to easily keep a hold of the reel as you make your ascent, while retaining the use of both hands.

Built out of 3D printed carbon fibre composites makes it incredibly light at 195 G and very strong.

Holds 65 metres of 1.5mm Black and White Dyneema line with a breaking strength of 90 kilos or a Neon Orange Polyester line.

Comes with a 115mm double-ended stainless steel bolt snap.

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If you are are local we highly recommend popping into the shop for free help and advice on your purchase

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