Learn to Freedive – AIDA 2*

This is the foundation course which is run over one day. You do not need to do the AIDA 1* prior to this course. The purpose of the course is to familiarise the student with the skills, knowledge, planning, organisation, safety procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of breath hold freediving. Students will be introduced to the basic disciplines of freediving; ‘Static Apnea’ breath holds and ‘Dynamic Apnea’ swimming.


Here at Dive Shack UK you can learn to Freedive with the AIDA 2* course run by Steve Millard of Apneists UK.  Steve who is a very experienced instructor, coach, organiser and athlete who has been teaching since 1991 in the water sports industry.

“We pride ourselves on running courses for small groups and most of all following up course entrants to help them to continue to dive afterwards. We have an active club, and organise socials and competitions too”

AIDA 2* Pool Freediver

How it is run – classroom and pool

During the classroom theory you will learn a few relaxation and visualisation techniques before you move into the pool and try it out for real. Here you will have a go at ‘Static Apnea’ to see how long you can hold your breath lying still in the water.  We’ll then move on to ‘Dynamic Apnea’ to see how far you can swim in the pool on a single breath – and of course, you will also learn how to be a good buddy to someone as they train.

Who’s it for?

This course is designed to be an introduction to freediving for the complete beginner or those wishing to develop the basic skills for recreational freediving.  A good knowledge base and understanding critical safety procedures are necessary to enjoy freediving safely and this course will do just that in a fun and relaxed environment.

The cost for the pool and theory is £125

Open Water section

The open water  is over two days training where we cover ‘Constant Weight’, ‘Free Immersion’, buddy procedures, rescues, positioning, weighting and other useful skills. This section can be arranged anytime during Spring / Summer but some dates will be provided during the course.

The cost for the open water training is £170 (plus dive site entrance if inland paid site).

For qualification there is an additional 20 Euro fee to AIDA. You will receive a certification e-card from AIDA once you have completed the outside training, but after the pool / theory section you will first receive a completion form so you can participate in pool sessions until you decide to do the open water in summer or abroad with us.

The next freediving course in Harrogate is the 5th May with a 12.30pm start, 9.30pm finish.

To book go to the web page http://apneistsuk.com/learn-2-freedive/

For more information: Steve Millard



Apneists UK freediving school – facebook

@apneistsuk Twitter

A brief CV can be found here: http://www.learn2freedive.co.uk/steve_millard_freedive_instructor_quals.shtml


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