Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle



Goodman Handle SOFT

With Goodman handle Soft without problems you can use both hands for underwater communication and penetration while diving on wrecks. It is essential during both: shooting and video filming by providing continuous light source at night diving, wreck or cave diving. The use of flexible rubber grip in Goodman handle Soft is the original idea of Ammonite System, which conquers rapidly growing crowd of followers! This solution has been appreciated by both sexes of divers: men and women, whose hands are smaller and narrower. Flexible rubber is a solution also dedicated to technical divers. When increasing the depth of immersion, the pressure compresses the gloves more and more. Our flexible rubber grip allows you to keep proper fit in your hand without having to worry about too much slack. This gives a very high level of comfort and confidence, which is essential on great depths or during long decompression dives. With its flexible rubber, handle “holds alone ” and your hand is completely free! The head torch is held by the second rubber, which automatically adjusts to the shape and size of your hand. Installation and adjustment of the handle is easy and requires no tools. The handle is made of Delrin – lightweight and durable material. It has a high resistance to abrasion, deformation, chemical resistance and high rigidity.

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