New Year, New Toys

New Stock for the New Year

We’ve only been open a month but we’re already getting a feel for the things people would like to see more of in the shop in the New Year. So, we’ve got a few more things added to the stock list to whet your appetite.

Seeing Clearer

If you struggle getting a mask to fit, I honestly think the TUSA range has something for everyone and the quality is spectacular. New in to us is the Freedom HD which as a single lensed mask is low profile but the field of vision is superb. Plus, they have some funky colour options for masks and snorkels like ‘Energy Orange’ and ‘Metallic Dark Red’. I’m sure the fins will follow soon. I’d highly recommend coming in and having a look. RRP £72

Travelling Light

The new Mares Magellan BCD is designed specifically for the traveller in mind. A wing-based BCD so back inflation. Really cut down ergonomic profile shoulder strap to reduce weight and a foldable back support so it will roll up and fit in the corner of your bag. RRP £266

Tea Tree Cures All

A common problem for swimmers and divers who are in and out of the water a lot is picking up ear infections. It’s bound to happen when they don’t get chance to dry out especially when you’re on a live-aboard. We are now stocking ‘Earol Swim’ which is clinically proven to prevent water trapping in the ear. No more sitting out the dives with a sticky ear! RRP £9.25

Seal Skin

No, it’s not real seals but these are the new boots from Mares. A very stylish boot with an ergonomic shape, rigid sole and 5mm neoprene. So nice I’ve actually treated myself! RRP £62

Waterproof – the brand

Waterproof make all things neoprene from hoods and gloves to full wet suits and drysuits. In store now, we have a bigger range of glove and boots styles as well as the W1 5mm wet suit. This is an award-winning front zip wet suit, loaded with features which makes it stand out from the crowd. RRP £339

Breathe Easy

I will admit that I’ve always been an advocate of Mares regulators. They breath fantastically and are bomb proof. I still have my Abyss I bought when I was doing my Divemaster course 23 years ago and it still performs impeccably. However, I’m having to think again, and that’s because Mares in their wisdom have surpassed themselves and brought out the Epic 82x. Damn them. It’s got me thinking about swapping out my faithful Abyss for the new kid on the block. Not only does it look amazing, it has the functionality with 2 high pressure ports, a swivel turret to maximise personal hose configuration. Then on the 2nd stage it has two adjustments for ease of breathing to totally fine tune to your requirement. It isn’t cheap but when you’re at 40m in a current, you’ll be glad you’ve got the best. RRP £533

Remember, we will always try our best to match any prices you see online.

That’s the lot for now and will be adding more stuff as we find out more of what you need and of course, we are always free for a coffee and chat about gear, holidays or just stuff!


Tim Yarrow

Director at Diveshack UK.


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