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What’s New

So I had an interesting day yesterday. One of my suppliers was in the area so he popped in to discuss what’s new on the market and show me some lovely new masks and some of the cool gadgets, new to the dive industry. He also took the time to measure up one of our regulars (Andy) for a new Extreme Tech Azdry drysuit with all the extras so he will be toasty even in winter.

School Gear and Cold Water

We looked at options for Diveshack as far as drysuits for the school. Too many times I see entry level divers being taken into the water in the UK and even abroad with the wrong or ill fitting exposure protection. For that reason we have gone down the route of drysuits. We have ordered them from Azdry which are amazing quality and have various features making them ideal for the school environment.

Gadgets you say!?

As well as the suits, Nick, Andy and I were shown one of the most interesting gadgets I’ve seen in a while – in fact we were the first dive shop in the UK to see it.

Think ‘Go-Pro’ crossed with a torch! You’re on your night dive, torch in hand and you come across a fish you like the look of and want to take a picture of but your hands are both tied up. Then you see an octopus hunting and fancy some video footage but the same problem. Well, Tovatech have come up with a cleaver idea and combined the camera into the torch! It looks like a normal torch, has over 1000 lumens with different settings and has a removable memory card.

The Tovatech Mera is only  available for pre-order at the moment at £289 RRP with a release date in February in the UK but certainly a game changer meaning one less thing dangling off a ‘D ring’.

Tim Yarrow

Director at Diveshack UK.


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