Cool Christmas Presents For Your Favourite Scuba Diver

Are you scratching your head again? Let’s see if we can give you some inspiration.

At this time of year we often end up wondering what to buy for Christmas for our loved ones. There’s nothing worse than that look of ‘meh’ on someone’s face after opening a less than inspiring pressie.

So, I have thrown some ideas together for you, just a few of the things on offer in the wonderful world of scuba diving.  For those who may not have started to dive yet to the seasoned pros, there’s something to whet everyone’s appetite.

A Try Dive


For most people it’s the first step in to the underwater world. If someone you know has always wanted to follow in the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau and hover weightlessly underwater, this is for them.

An Open Water Course

The first level, full qualification that enables you to dive independently anywhere in the world.

An amazing, life changing gift.

It would be quite the pressie, but if it’s a bit of stretch, why not get a voucher to contribute to a course or share the gift between a few of you.

A Qualified Diver Experience


There are lots of exciting bits of kit coming out and it’s great fun having the opportunity to have a play with some of them. A try dive experimenting with new kit is an ideal gift for a qualified diver.


Now I know vouchers may not seem very exciting, but if it’s contributing towards a course, trip or bit of kit, or if it’s just giving them the opportunity to get what they really want, a voucher can be the perfect solution.


Divers are suckers for two things – merchandise and gadgets. Most divers I know can’t resist getting a new t-shirt from their holiday proudly showing where they’ve been diving, or manufacturers gear showing what they dive with (or would like to dive with).

XDeep have brought out some wonderful hoodies, just in time to keep everyone warm at the side of the dive site – available in grey or ‘the dark side’ black.

A Good Hood to Keep Warm

Us UK divers are a bit odd and we will quite happily jump into 5 degree water in winter to get our underwater fix. To do that we obviously need the correct kit. A hood is a key part of that and will get a lot of use for around the £50 mark – I guarantee it won’t be left in a cupboard gathering dust.

A Spool and SMB Combo

One of the most critical bits of safety kit we take with us whether it’s here in the UK or abroad. This combo gives a couple of options for the SMB and spool lengths – or if its for a tec diver, why not get a combo and the extra 2 spools for a matching set.

A Torch to Brighten Things Up

Most divers will have a torch, but again technology is improving all the time. The power of some of the small BCD torches is much, much greater than the behemoths I started diving with, they were quite pathetic in comparison. There is a torch for every wallet depending on what it’s for.

A Mobile Tool Box

This neat little tool has all the main tools you might need to prevent aborting a dive. It fits in your pocket and won’t break the bank

The Other End of the Scale!

If you really want to get in the good books, then look no further. Certainly on the ‘nice to have’ list of most divers I know and takes diving to a new level

Bring Out Your Inner Darth Vader

IDMs (Integrated Dive Masks) have been around for a while but the design and technology is improving all the time. Ocean Reef have a range of IDMs and associated gadgets and gizmos to attach to them, including underwater communications, light systems, camera attachments and they’re fully customisable to a colour of your choice. If not the mask itself, how about an experience with an IDM or a course to learn how to use them.

Any of these are likely to make you very popular at Christmas.  If we can be of any help please shout and we will pull out all the stops to ensure you have what you want for the festive period.

Have a good one!

Tim Yarrow

Director at Diveshack UK.


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